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Never Sacrifice Quality for Affordability Again

Find exactly what you need at a price you can afford now that Jesse Fonseca and real estate firm Park Place Realty, with 30 years of mortgage knowledge, I will help you in all aspects of your real estate transaction. Call or text now (702) 736-3000.


The Property You Want at a Price You'll Love

Before deciding that you are ready to buy or sell a home or piece of property, be sure to reach out first and put my experience to work for you. From foreclosures and beautiful homes for sale, to short sales and investment properties you won't want to miss, take advantage of the vast resources and opportunities that you'll only find here, so you can obtain the property you want at the fairest purchase price.

Strong Negotiating Skills
During the negotiation process, I strive to represent you, your best interests, and your wishes to the absolute best of my ability. Fighting to obtain the best deal possible is something you can expect, regardless of the size or scope of the property you seek.

Maximize Your Spending Power
Find the perfect method of financing that fits your financial needs without compromising your lifestyle. I possess exceptional knowledge of all up-to-date financing programs in the lending arena. This knowledge gives you the ultimate in flexibility while stretching out your dollar to its fullest potential.

Contact me and see how my teaming up with a trusted real estate firm
in Las Vegas, NV, allows me to provide the homes for sale or investment properties at the best price possible.